The Rat King

Upon entering the small mining town of Silverton, the characters are approached by an old man that identifies himself as the leader of the Miner’s Guild in town. His operations have been sabotaged and caravans have been raided by human and non-human bandits. He believes the bandits are being aided by some ancient evil; an evil that shut down mining operations at an abandoned mining site a half-day’s travel south-east of town. He promises to reward characters that can eliminate this threat.

Western Flanaess

Western Flanaess

The party members have arrived in Silverton from many parts of the Flanaess. Some have hit upon hard times, all have something to prove, and much to gain from the successful completion of this mission.

Silverton is a small mining town in the South West of the Grand Duchy of Geoff in Western Flanaess.

Grand Duchy of Geoff

Grand Duchy of Geoff

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December 1st features a Sydney D&D Meetup - details can be found here: Sydney Eastern Suburbs DnD

Maquarie Con is coming up December 7-9 at Macquarie University. Let me know if you are planning on attending.

Troll Lord Games have a sale on the Castle Keepers Guide and Monsters & Treasure PDFs at RPGNow.

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