** History of Silverton

Sempre Petra being of the line of the Dustagh Clan of Dwarves who have long dwelt in the Crystal Mist Mountains remembers various scraps of information of events some deacde or three ago that may have some bearing on the present day troubles facing the town of Silverton.

Jasper Jenneau, prospector and patriarch of the Jenneau family, discovered silver during a prospecting tour of the area over 100 years ago. He immediately spent his entire life’s savings to fund a small mining operation and open a silver mine on a rich vein of ore. Miners and the poor flocked to the Jenneau Silver Mine looking for work and prosperity, and, consequently, a small boomtown was founded about a half a day’s travel from the mine.

Within a few months, the mining shafts broke through large underground chambers that were littered with bones and huge nuggets of silver ore. The miners found this to be strange, and priests were brought in from both Pregmere and Gorna to cleanse the area of evil spirits. All the while, Jasper was growing very rich from the silver that was being transported to the Miner’s Guild in Gorna.

Two years after the mine opened, Silverton, as the boomtown was now called, began to erect permanent structures for the miners. The silver ore was plentiful and other mines began to open to the west of Silverton under the banner of Gorna’s Miner’s Guild. This is when disaster struck the Jenneau Silver Mine.

Some of the details that Sempre recalls are less clear and are pieced together from several different accounts or retellings…

Two years and six months, to the day, after Jasper found the first silver vein, miners broke into a deep pocket cavern beneath the active mine shaft. This pocket cavern contained a hideously evil vampire named Serrenna who killed more than 20 miners before she was fi nally driven back into her lair. Many priests and magic users were called in, and together, they cast mighty spells to lock the evil away.

The miners turned on Jasper Jenneau, now with wife and child, blaming him for the catastrophic events. He was hung from a hastily made gallows in the center of Silverton, and his wife and child were run out of town, with the following curse laid upon them: “May no child of Jasper Jenneau’s seed be able to touch the silver ore that has brought such evil to this town!” The Jenneau family mansion was burned to the ground, and the site was sown with thorny vines so that no one would ever be able to build on the spot again.

None were too sure what happened to Jaspers wife and child once they left Silverton but it was rumoured they had headed for Pregmere with what meagre possessions the rigteous citizens of Silverton had spared.


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