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It is dusk by the time the battle weary party return to Silverton. Daerk the Miners Guild Representative rushes to the Crystal Lady Inn where you are eating and begs an urgent update. Even before you can make room for Daerk at the table Parthonica the elder priest of Pelor in Silverton and Calors superior joins you and soon an eager crowd gathers round your long table to hear your news.

Sir Granford takes the lead and soon the entire inn is packed and all hang off every word as he retells of your exploits.

Parthonica and Daerk are both very concerned and get involved in a heated exchange discussing the implications while many of the inns patrons return to small huddles to discuss your news or run back to family and friends elsewhere to spread the news. Some few hang close hoping to hear more from the brave heroes or from Daerk and Parthonica.

Eventually Daerk asks you to meet with him at the Miners Guild tomorrow at 4pm for a meeting with the towns miners while Parthonica suggests you visit him in the morning for some healing and to answer further questions. You pass the rest of the evening quietly. The normally friendly atmosphere in the inn is decidedly uneasy tonight as your news is shared and debated. You retire to a smaller common room where it appears that Bromand the inn-keep has set aside for you and you sleep as well as you can.

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No Game this coming week (24th) or December 1st.

The next session will be on December 8th at 830pm.

Hopefully some of you might make Geek Together on Saturday 1st in Sydney... It will be my first time :)

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December 1st features a Sydney D&D Meetup - details can be found here: Sydney Eastern Suburbs DnD

Maquarie Con is coming up December 7-9 at Macquarie University. Let me know if you are planning on attending.

Troll Lord Games have a sale on the Castle Keepers Guide and Monsters & Treasure PDFs at RPGNow.

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