Session 1

The party members hear word that Dairn the Miners Guild Representative is offering rich reward to anyone who can find out who has been attacking the Silver Caravans and put an end to the threat.

After some discussion the motley crew of Sempre Petra, King Iskander, Deacon Black, Calor, Sir Granford and Thom agree to investigate the cause of the towns recent misfortune for the sum of 50gold lions each. If the heroes also manage to put an end to the threat another 50gold lions awaits any survivors…

The following morning a young miner, Kael, awakens the party at 5am and leads them through the light forest and scrub towards the southern branch of the Crystal Mist Mountains. Soon it becomes apparent that you are following a rough path through the scrub. King Iskander questions Kael who informs him that an old abandoned mine lies at the end of this path. The people of Silverton don’t come here any more. This trail is most likely being used by the bandits!

The party proceeds more cautiously now. Suddenly Kael gestures to King Iskander to continue following the path and then turns and runs back in the direction of Silverton.

Shortly after the party arrive at what appears to be a dead end. The path is blocked by a rockslide. Deacom Black notices footsteps that appear to finish half under the rubble. Searching the party discovers a concealed lever that opens a cleverly concealed door through the rubble. Thom casts a light spell and the party enter what appears to be the entrance to an old mine.

Sempre Petra snorts – “humans are always in such a rush. the workmanship on these walls is poor. Sure these walls don’t look like caving in on our heads but such a lack of care!”.

Map Session 1

Players Map – Session 1

The party follow the corridor which ends at a rough but sturdy door – the party listen at the door but hear nothing. They burst thru the door to be confronted by Goblins!

Four goblins turn to glare at you with evil, red eyes. “Intruders!” screams a burly bandit, as he and his companions reach for their unsheathed weapons lying nearby.

After a fierce fight where the wizard deals deadly damage with his dagger killing 2 goblins, the heroes overcome the goblins – but not before taking some serious losses. Deacom Black suffers the worst and is felled by a goblin spear and requires the intervention of Sempre Petra and a healing spell to avoid certain death! The goblins equipment is cheap and nasty and holds little value bar a few silver and copper coins and a gourd of some mysterious liquid. It smells both sweet and a little cinnamony.

As the party are about to leave the room by the southern door Sempre detects a faint noise and finds a secret passageway! The passageway is only short and low and ends at another secret door. Sempre can hear Goblins on the other side – they know you are in the mines and they are planning an ambush!

The party decide to split up – half to go thru the southern door and half thru the secret door. The party heading thru the southern door cant believe their eyes when they realise there is just a simple passageway beyond the door – the other half of the party will be trying to surprise the goblins and could be outnumbered!

Sempre opens the secret door and spies three goblins with loaded crossbows raised and ready – and looking the other way at the southern door! He also realises that the others cant possibly be coming into this room so unsure of what to do he springs back into the passageway pulling the door shut behind him. Did they hear him? Has Sempre just lost the element of surprise?

Thom feeling particularly cocksure sidles past Sempre and readies a sleep spell. He opens the door to see the wicked grins of the three goblins as they point their crossbows at him. Before they can fire Thom releases his sleep spell and one by one the goblins eyes roll back in their head as they topple to the hard floor – completely asleep. The party rush into the room and quickly dispatch the comatose goblins and congratulate Thom.

XYZ takes a crossbow from one of the goblins and some small amounts of silver and copper are also collected.

The party split up and half leave thru the east door and half thru the south door. Several members of the party express their misgivings at dividing the party into 2. Thom who has assumed leadership presses on and the party begin to explore. They meet up outside a door to what appears to be a meeting room or large study. Deacom finds a scrap of parchment hidden behind an empty weapons rack. The parchment is old.


A hidden message – what horror lies beneath?


Again Thom splits the party in 2 and further exploration to the North reveals two more rooms. Sending one group to the north western door the other opens the north eastern door. Beyond the door is a room that seems filled with an unnatural darkness that even Thoms magical light cannot penetrate far.

The only sound escaping from the impenetrable darkness is a soft squeaking noise. As if noticing the open door, the squeaking gets louder and closer to the door!

The heroes back out and join the others at the north western door. Beyond this door lies some sort of Armoury!

The locked door opens into a 30-foot by 20-foot room filled with crates, barrels, boxes, and racks filled with weapons. Most of these weapons are crude and rusted; however, they do appear to be in serviceable order.

To be continued…




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