Guard Quarters

Session 2

Under the leadership of King Iskander the party decided to head back towards the entrance and follow up on the unmapped sections there. Whilst half the party were still inside the secret passage the heroes encountered a Goblin party and battle commenced. Suffering some wounds the party defeated 3 goblins but others escaped. The escaping goblin did not get far as they ran into a dead end and were hampered by a string of five manacled prisoners. The goblin leader threatened to kill a prisoner if the heroes came closer and unfortunately the goblin was true to his word and plunged his sword into the throat of a prisoner killing him quickly. During the fight against the last two goblins one of the prisoners – a half-orc named Kurgdz attacked the goblin leader from behind effectively ending the fight.


Half-Orc. Source:

Two of the prisoners begged to be freed and allowed to leave whilst Kurgdz and another prisoner Korn asked to join the party. The party agreed and continued their search. A dirty barracks in the west contained nothing of interest so the heroes returned to the Armoury in the North to collect some weapons for Kurgdz and Korn. En-route Sempra Petra realised that Korn had disappeared. What were his motives?

The party retrieved some crude weapons for Kurgdz. An encounter with a Goblin patrol ended quickly with the Goblins all killed and no serious injuries to the party.

A Secret Door was discovered but the arrow trap was not detected and King Iskander took an arrow to the thigh. The party could probably consider themselves lucky though as 4 other arroes failed to find a mark. Beyond the secret door were three large crates marked “Gorna Mining Guild” containing hundreds of pounds of rich silver ore. Was the Gorna Mining Guild somehow involved?

Players Map 2

Session 2 – Players Map

Two more barracks rooms and two kitchen/dining rooms were found. The party also encountered a group of human guards who proved to be a handful – Deacom taking a critical wound and Kurgdz taking two heavy wounds that would have killed most other adventurers. The party then returned to the cleanest of the barracks to try and rest for the night. Despite someone attempting to open the door during the night nothing else happened and the party was able to take a decent rest and regain spent spells.

To be continued…


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