Welcome to Swords n Sorcery. This site will be used to help maintain continuity between gaming sessions and to allow players and the Castle Keeper to interact and continue role playing between sessions.

I will post a separate Page for each Character and you can feel free to flesh out your characters here or to discuss some character ideas with the Castle Keeper in between games.

Characters: Sempre Petra, King Iskander, Deacon Black, Calor, Sir Granford, Thom, Kurgdz

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Next Gaming Session
No Game this coming week (24th) or December 1st.

The next session will be on December 8th at 830pm.

Hopefully some of you might make Geek Together on Saturday 1st in Sydney... It will be my first time :)

Other RPG News
December 1st features a Sydney D&D Meetup - details can be found here: Sydney Eastern Suburbs DnD

Maquarie Con is coming up December 7-9 at Macquarie University. Let me know if you are planning on attending.

Troll Lord Games have a sale on the Castle Keepers Guide and Monsters & Treasure PDFs at RPGNow.

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