Deacon Black

Deacon Black

Human Rogue

Deacom Black

Deacom left home at 11yrs old, wide eyed and full of dreams. He spent a number of years in menial housekeeping jobs in the city of Istan however he always seemed to get the blame for minor thefts and breakages and he was never able to stay too long in any one household. As he grew older he found it harder to find this type of work and spent more and more time living rough on the streets before becoming a part time jongleur and acrobat with a travellinng troupe. While Deacom was not bad at this type of work he wasnt great at it either and when he heard of the 50 gold reward gpoing for adventurers who would investigate the recent troubles in Silverton he abandoned the troupe without a backward glance.

Deacon Black

Deacon Black – Human Rogue


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  1. Deacon Black says:

    During his time on the streets Deacon joined a local gang of ruffians who taught him the finer tricks of the trade. The leader of the gang, Gavin “steeleye” Mcgubbins had a code of honour that the entire gang had to follow. They did not steal from the poor, would not kill without good reason and takings were spread evenly by the gang. Deacon aspired to this code but Gavin’s second in command Rikon “swifty” Staal grew greedy and saw no need in following the code. After Gavin found that Rikon had murdered a merchant for his gold and hid his gains, he confronted him. Rikon knowing if he tried to attack Gavin, the rest of the gang would intervene challenged Gavin to a duel which Gavin foolishly accepted. Little did he know Rikon had poisoned his daggers, the fight did not last long…

    With Gavin gone, Rikon took over the gang and began a campaign of terror. Murder became commonplace and as Deacon would not follow Rikon’s ideals, he was promptly demoted to watchboy. He was often beaten for refusing to do dirty jobs.

    While Deacon wanted to leave, loyalty to the rest of his friends stalled him. However, the city guard quickly took notice of the change in the streets and started rounding up and executing gang members. Deacon finally decided that his life wasn’t worth the risk. He took his leave that night and never looked back. on the road he met Pete Gascon’s travelling circus where he took up work as a part time jongleur and acrobat… (continue the rest of the story as above)

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