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Kurgdz is smarter than the average Half-Orc but he much prefers intimdating those around him wth his strength and skill with the Godentag and Sword. His rough and ready nature saw him gravitate towards other Half-Orcs and Orcs in preference to Humans. Recently a local Hobgoblin leader named Azzar Kul has been stirring up the tribes in the Crystal Mist Mountains and the half-breed Kurdz no longer felt welcome. After the third beating Kurdgz decided it was time to leave the mountains and find his own way. Unfortunately Kurgdz fell afoul of another bandit and has been captured before he even left the mountains.


Half-Orc Barbarian – Kurgdz


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  1. David Bofinger says:

    Kürgdz was raised by a small mixed goblinoid horde. He became a warrior in the barbarian style and it never occurred to him to consider another way of life.

    When Azzar Kul, leader of a larger horde, took over the horde Kürgdz grew up in, things took a turn for the worse. The horde’s leaders, including some of Kürgdz’s relatives, were banished or killed. Minor players like Kürgdz were treated like menials and occasionally beaten up.

    One of those menial jobs was feeding prisoners. He got to talking with a female fighter who opened his mind to other ways of life. He realised that being a barbarian warrior really hadn’t worked out for him and at best seemed like a bit of a dead end.

    Even after the fighter had been eaten by Azzar Kul and his lieutenants, Kürgdz kept thinking. He decided that he should find a better goal in life. He tried to escape the horde, and almost made it.

  2. Castle Keeper says:

    Sounds very half-orc to me!

    HALF-ORC: Half-orcs exist on the edges of society, little cared for by humans, orcs or others. Half-orcs are the offspring of a pairing between an orc (or other goblinoid) and a human, and are generally a dispirited and angry lot, accustomed to doing dangerous jobs for others. Indeed, most half-orcs only make consistent contact with others when their famed fighting skills are needed.

    Half-orcs can be found in many regions of the world, haunting the periphery of settled lands. They often find orc tribes and kingdoms to their liking, as those humanoids are an easy group to dominate. Within human communities, their roles range from hunted outcasts to elite warrior castes.

    DESCRIPTION : Half-orcs combine the worst features of humans and orcs. Most have an unpleasant demeanor, and some are repulsive and even hideous to look at. They typically have massive jaws, coarse hair and dark, penetrating eyes. Their skin tends to be a ruddy, dark color, and resembles the rough textured skin common among orcs. Physiologically, however, half-orcs combine the best features of both their parent races. Half-orcs mirror humans in height, or stand even taller. They are naturally muscular and agile, and do not suffer from light sensitivity as orcs do.

    PERSONALITY : Half-orcs are unsavory and contentious individuals. As outcasts, they have few friends or allies, and often live miserable and lonely lives, wary of all. Even amongst themselves, there is little trust and great fear, as they jockey for positions of acceptance and status as mercenaries or in more nefarious professions. The social stigma that half- orcs encounter throughout their lives, when combined with the militant aggressiveness of orcs and the competitiveness of humans, produces a nearly fearless warrior and a relentless foe.

    As outcasts, half-orcs find themselves in a constant search for like- minded individuals and others in whom they can place their trust and faith. As such, they are occasionally found in the company of travellers, mercenary bands, adventurers and others who, either willingly or by accident, are ostracized from their society. Friendly relations with half- elves are, uncannily, not uncommon for the two share similar social stigma. Half-orcs are a breed apart.

    Half-orcs are unswervingly loyal to those they trust and in whom they place their faith. On the other hand, to those who break that faith, half- orcs have an undying enmity and no effort will be spared in righting a wrong and taking revenge upon their enemies. Half-orcs can be both a friend and companion of immense value or a foe of terrible power.

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