Human Wizard



Thom has been around for quite a while. A weakness for wine, women (he can be quite charming when he keeps his mouth shut), gambling and avoiding hard work have stopped Thom from ever fulfilling his potential. Originally hailing from Thornward he has wandered throughout the Flanaess but more recently he has been finding his charms and parlour tricks are no longer opening the doors they used to. After running out of money and luck in Silverton he reluctantly joined the brave volunteers in trying to track the theft of the towns Silver shipments.


Human Wizard – Thom


2 comments on “Thom
  1. xtremetko says:

    Thom was found to have potential in the arts at a very young age and was taken to a university in my younger years. I am very bright but tend to be lazy in the arts compared to most other more diligent students and chose the company of the local tavern over my classmates. Much is a drunken dream from then on, doing menial and art like tasks if needed but only learning a few spells before being kicked out of university for carousing a young female wizard.

  2. brem says:

    Lately Thom has come to realise that lives are at stake and a town’s livelihood at risk, in dealing with the hijacked silver trade and mine by undead forces led by a mysterious lycanthrope named Lawrence. He has managed to sober up just long enough to try and help make a difference to the people he is starting to take a liking to. Thom has increased his application of the arts, but still turns to wine when the going gets tough. He has a weak constitution and is easily distracted by the follies of liquor and easy women.

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