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Welcome to Swords n Sorcery. This site will be used to help maintain continuity between gaming sessions and to allow players and the Castle Keeper to interact and continue role playing between sessions.


We are using the Castles & Crusades ruleset to play this campaign. Castles & Crusades is in the style of Old School Dungeons & Dragons. It takes the best elements of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition and streamlines them making for a faster, easier game to play. You can visit the publishers website: Troll Lord Games, where they have an online shop and you can also buy the sourcebooks and adventures in PDF format from: RPGNow or DriveThruRPG.

From the introduction to the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook:

A world of heroism and epic adventure lives inside each of our minds. We can all imagine a world where stalwart knights battle ancient dragons, powerful wizards duel one another with mighty magics and the brave-of-heart rescue mystic artifacts from the clutches of evil villains. These are the kinds of adventures many of us create in our minds on lazy afternoons, reading through our favorite novels. A pair of nefarious rogues make their way through serpentine alleys and rambling cities, seeking fortune and fame. A band of desperate heroes battle against an inevitable apocalypse, standing for justice and honor as the world succumbs to chaos and evil. A fellowship of brave adventurers descends into dungeons deep beneath the earth in search of treasure and glory or undertakes the eternal struggle against evil, battling foes across wasted and barren plains. We imagine other worlds and mystical places fraught with danger. In these worlds of fantasy, magic is real and heroes abound. With the Castles & Crusades role playing game, these imaginings come to life as you play the role of a hero seeking adventure in a fantastic world populated by mythic creatures and legendary beasts. Or, as the Castle Keeper, you can design the worlds and stories that make up the game, guiding friends and fellow gamers through epic adventures in wondrous settings of your own making.


Due to time constraints and other limitations Im hosting this game on a Virtual Table Top platform called Fantasy Grounds. I have an Ultimate License which means that players can connect without having to buy a license of their own – however if you enjoy using this platform you might consider buying your own license so you can play in other games or host your own. Download the installer here. Some tips – Right Click the file and choose Run As Administrator when installing. It does take a little while to complete the install as it downloads all the latest components. You might also find you need to disable your Antivirus before running the install – you can restart the AV as soon as the install is completed. This is particularly valid for Norton and McAfee users. You can run it on a Mac but you will need to use a WINE or BOTTLE app (Windows Emulator) inside your Mac (or Linux) or run a Windows Virtual PC.


We are using TeamSpeak for all game communications. TeamSpeak allows us all to communicate via voice easily. You do need a headset/mic otherwise you will generate too much feedback. The TeamSpeak client can be downloaded here. TeamSpeak is free and a simple headset/mic cost from around $20 and up.


Next Gaming Session
No Game this coming week (24th) or December 1st.

The next session will be on December 8th at 830pm.

Hopefully some of you might make Geek Together on Saturday 1st in Sydney... It will be my first time :)

Other RPG News
December 1st features a Sydney D&D Meetup - details can be found here: Sydney Eastern Suburbs DnD

Maquarie Con is coming up December 7-9 at Macquarie University. Let me know if you are planning on attending.

Troll Lord Games have a sale on the Castle Keepers Guide and Monsters & Treasure PDFs at RPGNow.

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